Have You Tried These Brain Scramblers Lately?

With so many incredible games out there it was an almost impossible task to choose only ten. But somehow I managed to do it. There were games I hated having to cut like, Alphabear which is still a popular word game.

Others that were unlucky and just missed this list included SpellTower, Scribblenauts Remix, Trainyard, Shadowmatic, Yout Must Build A Boat, and the Trace. All of these are great games and should be looked at when you need something else.

There are some other brand new games that were not included such as SPL-T, Device 6, The Sailor’s Dream, and Year Walk. These games were simply introduced too late to be considered. but I am sure they will be showing up in a new list rather soon. So let’s look at the games on this list.


iOS / Android


While there are some coloured circles and line tracing, Blek is still one of the most original mobile puzzles available. For this adventure, you have to be able to connect the circles while advoiding the black holes. the fun in this game is finding your own solutions then seeking out the sole solution in any level. This is truly a masterpiece of a mobile game.



A challenging word game that features over 22 languages including Spanish, German, and French.

Every word that you encounter is its own crossword puzzle within a picture. The challenge is to solve all the words.

Once you have solved the word another will open until the entire puzzle has been unraveled.

This is a great game that is simple to play and it’s free. Offering up over 800 levels you will be busy for quite some time. Also if you will need answers for this game you can find it here: Răspunsuri PixWords 7 Litere in different languages.

Best Fiends

iOS / Android

Best Fiends

You may have noticed there is a large number of games that force you to match items at the bottom of the screen to kill off enemies at the top. There are several including Puzzle & Dragons to Puzzle Quest. If you are looking for something similar with a bit of a twist you will want to check out Best Friends. This is one of those games though that does a great job of testing your mind while walking away with your hard earned cash.


iOS / Android


While making this list up I wanted to make sure people realized there is more to puzzle games than just swapping out colors on a board. In Framed, you must switch out comic strip panels to progress farther into the game. While the visuals are top-notch you will find your toe tapping to that great jazzy soundtrack!

Monument Valley

iOS / Android / Windows Phone

Monument Valley

While this may not be one of the longest games you play< I can almost guarantee it will be the most beautiful. Your goal is to take Princess Ida through a series of challenging levels all the while enjoying the glorious views. There are no time limits to this game which make it a nice change of pace.

What games were you surprised not to see on our list? Please feel free to let us know so we can add them to an upcoming list.

The 10 Best Puzzle Games Available On Android

Are you searching for some good puzzle games for Android? If so, keep reading to see what our 10 favorite free Android puzzle games are.

Puzzle games are an excellent way to improve your brain no matter what your age is as well as to kill time. Mobile devices are the ideal platform for doing them on. We have a great selection of the top puzzle games to play on your mobile device for you right here, ranging from logic games to puzzle games. And the best part of all is they are all free to download.

The following top puzzle games for Android can all be downloaded absolutely for free.

1. Word Search Puzzles

Word Search Puzzles

The Word Search Puzzles from IceMochi are easy to learn and play.  This is a simple and easy to use puzzle game.  It has a random puzzle generator, so you won’t ever be playing the same game.  The “Vocab Challenge” puzzles also provide you with an excellent opportunity for improving your vocabulary as you are playing.
2. Mahjong Android Puzzle Game

Mahjong Android Puzzle Game

This is a solitaire-style game with matching tiles.  This Mahjong versions offers more than 200 boards, so there are even new challenges for Mahjong veterans.
3. Mind Games -Brain Training

Mind Games -Brain Training

Mind Games is a great option if you searching for something that feels like a game but is still a brain-trainer.  Wide a wide variety of various brain training puzzles that range from face memory to abstract thinking, you will feel smarter before you know it.  It is a great option for individuals who are interested in Lumosity but don’t want to pay the full price for brain training.
4. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Don’t be fooled by the Candyland art style and bright colors.  Candy Crush goes well beyond being only a basic matching game.  In fact it is among the most discussed mobile games of all time.  There are also links to your desktop computer, which means the addictive little puzzle will always be close at hand.

5. Burger


Burger is a great illustration of a “kitchen scramble game.”  You make hamburgers in various different ways as quickly as you can.  It starts out easy, however with less time and new toppings, Burger gets very trick quite fast.

6. Flow Free

Flow Free

This is a perfect example of a game that is easy to learn, but hard to master. In this simple game you must connect dots without crossing any lines. It gradually turns into a true test. This is an excellent games for people who solve problems visually or anybody who can work out problems better when they can actually see them.
7. PixWords


The is an interesting and wonderful new word puzzle challenge. It comes in 21 languages.

Every word is its own crossword puzzle that is hidden within a picture. The challenge is to solve all of the words.

Once one word is solved, another letter is opened, until you gradually unravel the whole puzzle.


– Great way of improving your vocabulary
– 21 language choices
– Hundreds of pictures and words
– Over 350 levels
– Simple rules
– Universal app for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone
– Free game

Can You Escape

This Myst-style puzzle game, with new floors being added on a constant basis and a dedicated following, Can You Escape is sure to keep even the smartest fans of this genre entertained for hours. To find hints about this game go to http://pixwordsluseisgr.com/

8. Can You Escape


This is a visual puzzle game that’s strongly reminiscent of the classic game Myst. It’s regularly updated with fresh content and new floors, too.
9. graBLOX


Featuring challenging game play and a simple art style, a level editor also comes with GraBLOX,  allowing you to make new levels that you can challenge your friends with.
10. 100 Gates

100 Gates

This puzzle game doesn’t play or look like a free game, with its beautiful art style, tricky puzzles and use of all of the Android features.

These games are all great to play either all afternoon long or in short bursts. We guarantee you will be spending lots of time attempting to figure each of these amazing pieces of freeware out.

What Apple’s Force Touch Means For Mobile Gaming

Want to hear an ugly secret? I’m stone-cold addicted to playing Candy Crush Soda. That might not seem embarrassing to you, but it definitely opens me up to mockery from my friends. The reason why I’m showing up so late to the Candy Crush party is that I was really suspicious of the way the game’s developer, King, was handling in-app purchases. I wasn’t quiet about, either. Now if my friends find out I’m flipping those little neon-colored candies like everyone else I’ll never hear the end of it.


Why do I bring this up? It’s because my recent experience with the iPhone 6S has gotten me thinking about Apple’s new Force Touch technology. It has huge implications for third-party app developers, especially game-makers, and it also makes me wonder what other hardware manufacturers are going to do about it.

In case you haven’t played with a recent Apple touchscreen, I should explain that Force Touch is a technology that does more or less what it says it does. It adds pressure sensitivity to touchscreen displays so that differing amounts of pressure cause different effects.

When you’re using an Apple Watch, for instance, a light tap wakes the device up. Pushing the screen more firmly will head straight to the face selector and also set off a soft vibration to confirm its actions.

On the very limited field of the Watch’s screen, there’s only so much you can do with pressure sensitivity. What about the hand-sized iPhone 6S, though? The possibilities are very nearly limitless.

It’s a stone cold certainty that Apple itself is going to enhance iOS 9 by taking advantage of Force Touch. The technology could for instance easily add tremendous functionality and convenience to touchscreen keyboards. Imagine getting a capital letter simply by pushing the appropriate key harder. Pressure sensitivity could even become a new substitute for the right click function, dethroning touch and hold. Apple might even use the technology to give its new iPhones a back button comparable to the one used on Android phones.

The much-anticipated iPad Pro could offer all sorts of functionality improvements based on Force Touch when it finally appears. Adding more variation and subtlety to the tablet’s haptic feedback would vastly improve its performance as a keyboard. A pressure-sensitive screen for drawing would put the iPad Pro into direct (and equal) competition with pricey professional graphics touchscreens like Wacom’s Cintiq.
The Gamers’ Perspective

Let’s drop all the productivity and functionality hype, though. I’m a gamer at heart, and it’s the gaming possibilities that have me really excited about Force Touch. Let’s swing back around and take another look at Candy Crush (remember, don’t tell my friends I play it).

What if applying a force push to a particular candy piece caused a new effect? Maybe it could cause a color change or other game-altering effect. Force Touch really opens up whole new worlds for game developers to explore.

You may already have grasped the critical problem here. Modern app developers are all about cross-platform compatibility. What do you do with an awesome new game that incorporates Force Touch at the heart of its mechanics? You’re not going to be selling it in the Google Play store, I can tell you that much.

Of course, the likeliest outcome is exactly what happened when Apple jumped ahead of the competition to start using 64-bit processors in its mobile devices. The Android manufacturing community will leap fast to catch up.

Chinese magnate Huawei has already taken flight, showing off a special version of the Mate S phone at IFA this year which has pressure sensitivity similar to Force Touch. My suspicion is that Huawei won’t be the only company to follow in Apple’s footsteps; Samsung already holds a patent for its own pressure-sensitive technology.

These market-wide stirrings strongly suggest that Force Touch is going to be much more than a gimmick. This is likely to be a permanent addition to smartphone interfaces, and possibly one that’s just as important as the touchscreen itself.

Only time will tell if other manufacturers join Apple in embracing pressure sensitivity. My gut tells me this isn’t going to be like fingerprint sensors; I think Force Touch — and its equivalent technologies in other brands — is going to take the world by storm.

Gaming Tips For Beginners

If you are a gamer, then you know how exciting the whole thing is. However, it does not matter whether you are a newbie at gaming or an expert gamer, learning more about gaming and how to maintain your gaming devices will indeed help you with you gaming.


1. Avoiding Chemical Cleaners

As a gamer, you have experienced in one way or another that gaming disks do get dirty. The first thing many people do is that cleaning with chemical cleaners is the best way to go. At times, the disk may not be playing because of many factors and one may be tempted to clean the disk using cleaners as well. Well, the truth of the matter is that, cleaning gaming devices may it be your gaming tech, or the disk does destroy the device. Instead of using cleaning detergents, it is advisable to look for soft dry cotton and rub the disk to clean.

2. Working Together

Anytime you are, playing a game with your friends or family; it is advisable not to underestimate the gameplay technique, especially when it comes to shooting games. Working together is a great way to guarantee success to the next and next levels.

3. Games That Allow Multiplayer

If you are a parent buying a game for your child, it is advisable to go for games that support multiplayer. Did you know that video games are known to boost your kid’s sociality? Well, having a game that can support multiplayer is a great way for the kid to have fun with other kids and interact with them.

4. Online Protection

The truth of the matter games can affect your kid both positively and negatively. Well, if the console your kid is using offers online capabilities, it is advisable to tweak it to be family friendly before you allow them to play. This is a great way to protect your kids from all online negativity, which allows your kid to see games, movies and images that are appropriate to them.

5. Research

As you probably know, gaming could be an expensive hobby. If you want to buy, latest and modern games will cost you at least $50. Therefore, before you even consider buying these games, it is advisable to conduct some research first. It will take you time to research indeed; however, in the end, you will be able to save some cash in the process.

6. The Age

If you are considering buying a gaming console for your kid, it is advisable to consider looking at the age. At the same time, the game rate is also important. For example, you have to give serious thinking of the age your kid is permitted to play games rated M.

7. Gaming Blogs

If you are truly, a gamer, finding gaming blogs and forums could be the greatest way to enhance your gaming experience. Gaming blogs and forums are known to provide vital information on games, other people experiences and much more.

8. The Importance Of Reading Game Titles

It is not only advisable to read the game title before you buy it, but also do some research about the game itself. The truth is that it could be really challenging going through a lot of information about the game. However, in the end, you will see the returns of doing so. These methods could save you a lot of cash.


Well, playing video games is a thrilling experience for every person. However, no matter the level of gaming expert you are, having detailed information about your device, the games, and other related information is quite vital. It does not only increase the game fun, but also help you save your hard-earned money. For this reason, if you are indeed looking to maintain your gaming devices and improve your gaming experience, then this article is for you and you should keep the above tips in mind.